The Lesson: In this podcast, bestselling author, innovator, and business junkie Blake Mycoskie – who is estimated to be worth over $300 million –  gives his thoughts and advice on relinquishing control over a situation, balancing business with personal relationships, how our childhoods affect our current behavior, and how to deal with failure.

Notable Excerpt: “I’ve made and lost several times, so … I made some money on that business, I lost money on the next business, then I made some money on the next business. And it’s been this kind of … I feel like it’s just kind of part of the entrepreneurial journey, so it’s not surprising to me to hear that you made money and they you lost it … because entrepreneurs, I think, are more interested in creating things and building things than they are about accumulating wealth.”

The Speaker: Blake Mycoskie is the Founder and Chief Shoe Giver of TOMS and the brains behind One for One, a unique business model that helps a person in need with every purchase. From shoes, to eyewear, to coffee, to bags – TOMS’ family of products is making a difference all over the globe. Blake, author of the New York Times #1 bestseller, “Start Something That Matters,” also gets personal in this podcast talking about the invisible patterns that shape our behaviors, meditation, finding joy in life’s challenges, and the simple act of gratitude.

The Host: Dave Asprey, the CEO and Founder of Bulletproof, is a biohacker (changing his environment from the inside-out to have full control of his biology). For nearly two decades, he’s been questioning the status quo of nutrition and medicine so he could feel better—and have more energy in his 40s than he had in his 20s. Join more than 1 million biohackers who follow Bulletproof for leading-edge information on how to supercharge your body and upgrade your brain.

Books: Asprey is the author of “The Bulletproof Diet” – a guide on how to feel more energized and lose weight – and “Head Strong: The Bulletproof Plan to Activate Untapped Brain Energy to Work Smarter and Think Faster-in Just Two Weeks”.

Podcast: The Bulletproof podcast is available on PodcastOne, iTunes, Stitcher, and YouTube.

(LISTEN to the inspiring talk below or read the transcript here)

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