cop with children-GigglezandGrizzelsDayCare-familyphoto-AmberWatts

The kids at Amber Watt’s Gigglez and Grinz Daycare in Murrayville always get super excited whenever they see the police drive by–and even more excited when they can get a wave out of them.

Imagine their elation when one officer got out of his squad car and sat down on the ground beside them.

“This will be a forever memory for these kids, and something I’m sure they will brag about forever. It was the day they had circle time on the sidewalk with a hero,” Watt wrote in a letter to the Langley Times.

The kids clung to every word British Columbia Const. Joel Shoihet uttered to make them feel special.

(READ the letter submitted to the Langley Times)

It’s story time! Spread the good feelings…. (below)

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