Some French media outlets are refusing to publish or air photos of terrorists involved in recent attacks across the world as a way to keep them from gaining “posthumous glorification.”

The newspaper Le Monde set off the trend by announcing in an editorial after the Bastille Day attack in Nice it would no longer run photos of terrorists, except for mug shots. The newspaper had already stopped publishing photos of ISIS propaganda documents.

Following their lead, Europe 1 radio will no longer publish photos on its website and the France 24 TV channel has also banned the photos from their broadcasts.

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The decision isn’t universal, with some news organizations saying they will continue to publish the photos out of a responsibility to provide “the full story.”

But following Tuesday’s attack on a church in Normandy, BFM-TV and the Catholic newspaper La Croix joined the photo ban.

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The psychoanalyst, Fethi Benslama, who teaches in Paris, pointed out on French radio: “It’s a really big boost to their efforts to make themselves world famous, even while their victims are anonymous and will remain anonymous.”

(LISTEN to an NPR interview with Le Monde editor below) — Photo: Mark Mitchell, CC

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  1. France is waking up to the cold hard truth. They are experiencing the results of liberalism, socialism and the progressive agenda, and fortunately they don’t want to pay the price anymore. Truth always proves itself true, even if doing so involves great pain. The United Sates could save itself a lot of pain if we would pay attention.

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