Extra Cedits fans catch one of their ownThere is some serious heartwarming going down for creators of a video podcast called Extra Credits which examines the state of video games today.

Recently, their illustrator, Allison Theus, suffered a shoulder injury and her insurance company declared it to be a “preexisting condition” and refused to pay for repairs. As a professional artist who has done work for companies ranging from Disney to Fantasy Flight, she was facing the loss of her livelihood.

Reluctantly, the show’s creators humbly asked their viewers for donations to cover the costs of the surgery. They set up a donation page on Rockethub with a goal of $15,000 dollars in 60 days.

In only two days since posting a notice on their website, loyal fans have sent in almost four times the goal originally hoped for. As it stands now (10:55 AM on July 1), more than $64,000 has been collected and the donations keep pouring in.

These generous individuals are videogamers, the same people whom the media have decried as antisocial, violence-loving loners. (We, here, at the Good News Network know better.)

The smart and funny videos that keep Extra Credits streaming at escapistmagazine.com are “good news” by themselves. But this sudden outpouring of support is truly inspiring.

(They announced the fundraiser two days ago and planned to include the request in their weekly video yesterday. They did, but with the disclaimer that the request was now “obsolete” as they had already surpassed their goal. The disclaimer didn’t stop people from continuing to donate.)

WATCH their cool video below, especially the top AND end, which discuss their colleague, Allison’s donation page (but their main content is wonderful too)… NOTE: Click the little arrow at the bottom of window to play. Clicking the screen takes you to their website.

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