african children sudan-pubdomainIn a blog post, Bill Gates shared his thoughts on the best news of 2013, especially in his chosen philanthropic fields of global health.

“If you measure progress by the number of children who die of preventable causes, or by the number of people who escape extreme poverty—as I do,” says Gates, “then 2013 was definitely a good year.”

Here are some of the optimistic stories he detailed, which you might have missed in 2013:

  • We got smarter and faster at fighting polio.
  • Child mortality went down—again.
  • The poverty rate went down—again.
  • Rich countries re-committed to saving lives.

(READ the full blog in The Gates Notes)


– India Hailed for its First Polio-Free Year

– Today We Mark the Great Progress Toward Eradicating Poverty

– Maternal Deaths Drop By Nearly Half Worldwide Over 20 Years

Thanks to Andrew N. for submitting the link!

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