You’re never too young to appreciate a well-designed sports car.

A pair of five-year-olds in Russia recently made a mad dash for freedom after digging under their kindergarten fence from a sandbox with toy spades.

The boys had been planning their escape for a week, using the time that is usually spent for supervised playtime on the kindergarten grounds to scoop away the sand with their plastic shovels.Kittredge-Rock-photo-permission-copyright-WickedLocal

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Finally, when the right moment presented itself, the youngsters took a mile-long stroll through Magnitogorsk in the Urals region to the nearest luxury car showroom.

It wasn’t until a young female driver noticed the whippersnappers admiring the sports cars that someone finally asked what on earth they were doing.

The boys politely informed the lady that they were looking to purchase a Jaguar and tactfully started their haggling with “we don’t have any money.”Walter Thomas Grandpa Garage Youtube

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The woman proceeded to escort the boys to the police station, where they were taken back to school to carry out what must have been a much less exciting rest of the day.

Though the boys weren’t noted as missing for 30 minutes, the parents did not submit any complaints against the kindergarten.

Eat your heart out, Steve McQueen.

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