“Ten years ago, three intrepid Kittredge Elementary School second-graders started secretly digging up a giant rock behind their school,” began a news report in Massachusetts. “They snuck plastic spoons out of the cafeteria and dug a little bit each day.”

“They were told not to, but they kept going. One might think this story ends in discipline and childhood disappointment, but not quite.”line of students for janitor-FB-BourbonnaisElementarySchoolDistrict#53

Students Wait in Line for Autographs – From School Janitor


The grownups finally relented, and after 10 years, the ‘Kittredge Rock’ now stands unearthed on the playground in North Andover – with its own plaque donated by a local business – as a symbol of perseverance.

(READ the inspiring story in Wicked Local) – Photo used with permission; Story tip from A. Robinson

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