It’s not all chaos and violence in Ferguson.  There are scores of good people hitting the streets to help repair and rebuild after Monday’s riots… and NFL Hall of Fame athlete Aeneas Williams is one.

He told TMZ Hollywood Sports that people from all walks of life, all races, all religions were joining him as he helped board up windows and clean up the small business owners who were hit.

Elsewhere, reporter Ryan Reilly took these photos of crews out at the crack of dawn cleaning the streets and sidewalks:

One restaurant owner thought her business would be one of the worst hit in the rioting because it is located next to the police department, but she learned later that a group of loyal customers had linked arms through the night to prevent any serious damage.

By the time the owners, Cathy and Jerome Jenkins, arrived the next morning, supporters were already cleaning up the glass from a single broken window.

”I am overwhelmed,” Cathy told CNN. She believed that the good she’d done in the community — Cathy’s Kitchen had fed protestors — had returned some good to her.

“It represents what people don’t know about Ferguson,” said Jerome.

“The people who were doing looting, they weren’t protesters,” added Cathy.  “They were criminals.”

(WATCH the interviews with Cathy and Aeneas Williams below)

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