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This little girl cooked up the perfect recipe to touch a temperamental celebrity chef’s heart.

After hearing her plea, Chef Gordon Ramsay plans to prepare a meal for the eight-year-old who has to eat through a feeding tube.

Abigail Carper has a rare intestinal disease that requires the tube, but the Indiana girl dreams of some day being a chef just like Ramsay.

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She sent him a video asking the TV chef to prepare a special meal for her to enjoy.

“I watch your shows all the time,” Abigail says in the video below. “Sometimes I have to watch them in hospital. I can’t eat the food you make on Master Chef Junior, but I love to watch.

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Maybe it was the tone of her message that got to Ramsay. He’s best known for chastising cooks on his various reality cooking shows when they don’t live up to his expectations. Or maybe it was the challenge of creating a meal that uses only ingredients her body can handle.

“’My mom tries but she’s just an OK cook.” she said in her video. “I know you could make me something really good.”

Within 48 hours of posting the video to YouTube, Ramsay fired off a Tweet to his little fan, asking her mother to send him a direct message.

Abigail’s mom, Amber Lacie, exchanged direct messages before surprising the little girl with the news.

The message left Abigail speechless and whetting her appetite for whatever surprise Chef Ramsay is cooking up.

(WATCH the video below and read more at the Daily Mail) — Photos: Amber Lacie, YouTube; Dave Pullig, CC

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