Heifer project in Zambia - Heifer photoWhen Costas went on safari in the late 90s, he knew he’d arrived in the land of his dreams.

But he began to see how unjust it was for him and his European guests to have all the comforts of home — fresh water, baths, as much food as they could eat — when the villagers had to get their water from the same pool their animals drank from, when they could die of malaria because they didn’t possess the pennies needed to buy preventive medicines.

So he stayed on in Tanzania and created an eco-friendly lodge, using the proceeds to help the locals.

Since then he has repaired and equipped a small rural clinic which provides basic first aid, put on a play about AIDS, and organized litter collection. They’d also rebuilt an elementary school.

(READ the story in the Huffington Post)

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