Kids are taught in schools not to talk to strangers – but little Norah Woods did the exact opposite and was able to heal a grieving man in need.

Norah and her mom Tara were in the grocery store shopping for cupcakes to celebrate Norah’s fourth birthday when the little girl spotted an elderly old man slowly browsing the aisles.

“Her face lit up like the sun, she waved excitedly, and said ‘Hi old person! It’s my birfday today!’,” Tara wrote on Facebook. “He was furrow browed but his expression softened when he realized she was speaking to him.”

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According to her mother, the outgoing child is a self-proclaimed senior lover because “I like old peoples the best ‘cos they walk slow like I walk slow and they has soft skin like I has soft skin. They all gonna die soon so I’m gonna love ‘em all up before they is died.” Admittedly a little strange for a kid to say, but she says it was sweet nonetheless.

After chatting to the stranger named Dan for a few minutes, Norah asked if they could take a picture together for her birthday.

Though he was a initially surprised at the abnormal request, he happily obliged.

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“We thanked ‘Mr. Dan’ for taking time to spend a few minutes of his day with us. He teared up and said ‘No, thank YOU. This has been the best day I’ve had in a long time. You’ve made me so happy, Ms. Norah.’”

Tara posted the photos to Facebook where they were shared thousands of times. Eventually, one user wrote to her saying that Dan’s wife had just passed away a few months ago and he was probably appreciative for the company.

Touched by the story, Tara reached out to the widower and asked if her and Norah could come by for a visit.

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The 4-year-old and the senior ended up spending three hours over a table of crayons and paper.

The child now always asks if she can visit Dan every day if only for a few minutes. Whether he likes it or not, he is now a part of the Woods family.

Dan later admitted that he hadn’t been able to sleep properly since his wife died – but after meeting Norah, he has been slumbering uninterrupted every night. He believes that though she may not know it, the little girl healed him with her love.

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