Fences For Fido photo On May 23, 2009, a small group arrived at the Portland home of Chopper, a big hunk of a dog who spent day after day, year after year, isolated from his family, chained to a tree.

After only a few hours of work by volunteers, Chopper experienced freedom for the first time in six years. Once a sad, sullen dog, Chopper bounded joyfully around his new yard, wagging his tail. The fence also encouraged Chopper’s owner to spend more time with him, changing their relationship forever.

More than 235 dogs have been unchained since that sunny day in 2009, as “Fences For Fido” continues to spread to other counties in Oregon, thanks to generous help from volunteers and donors.

(WATCH the video below from KGW, or learn more at Fences For Fido)

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