If someone’s giving away a house on five acres of land for free, you know there must be a catch.

That catch is hundreds of healing animals in need of a caretaker.

Harry Kunz of the Eagle’s Nest Wildlife Hospital is giving away his property to a successor who will promise to care for all of his current animal patients.

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The sanctuary takes in anywhere from 800 to 1,000 injured animals a year. If they’re able to properly heal, the creatures are released back into the wild – if not, then they’re free to always have a home with Harry.

Eagle’s Nest also provides the only rehabilitation services for rescued raptors and eagles in northern Queensland.

Situated in the beautiful Atherton tablelands, Harry has never discriminated against any wildlife species in need of care. For 30 years, he has welcomed emus, birds, kangaroos, wombats, crocodiles, and koalas.

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His veterinary expertise has ensured a staggering 78% survival rate for his patients.

Harry’s career in animal care, however, will come to an end once he concludes his 5-year search for a proper heir to the land.

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