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Your carbon footprint can’t get much smaller than living in this futuristic-looking tiny house. The best part is that you can park it anywhere and begin generating your own electricity.

A limited edition of 50 self-powering pods are now ready for pre-order from Ecocapsule in Slovakia. The 120 square foot mini-homes are fiberglass encased with solar panels and a wind turbine mounted to the roof for powering a battery that can supply four days of electricity.

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Each pod comes with a kitchen featuring a two burner stove and sink, a bathroom complete with a shower and waterless toilet, and a living room with a sofa that converts to a double bed. Ecocapsule’s makers say two people can live comfortably inside.

The pods cost about $86,000 apiece and are shipped in standard, 40’ cargo container. Ecocapsule is currently selling their pods to people in the European Union, United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand — where the houses meet building codes.

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You’ll have to come up with your own water source and the local permits for parking it on a piece of land, but after that, you’ll be able to move in when they ship in early 2017.

(WATCH the promotional video below from Ecocapsule)


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