A pet hamster stuck in a tiny pipe for almost a week finally managed to escape thanks to a miniature handmade ladder built by an RSPCA officer.

Jamie the hamster was being looked after by a friend of his owner when he managed to get trapped down a 10cm-wide water pipes.

The pet rodent became wedged in a tiny 4cm-wide gap (1.5 inches) in between the water pipes, and his petsitter was unable to get him out.

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After six days of failed rescue attempts and dropping food down the pipe for Jamie, animal welfare charity RSPCA was finally called to the house in Bridgwater, Somerset – and animal welfare officer Alison Sparkes leapt to the rescue with a tiny handcrafted ladder, one-meter-long cut some from old wire mesh.

And sure enough, the trapped pet managed to clamber up the ladder to safety.

Alison said: “Jamie was being looking after by a friend of his owner when he escaped and went down a 10cm-wide pipe that housed the water pipes.


“This vertical pipe was one-meter-deep.

“The gap between the water pipes he squeezed through was about 4cm wide and was impossible to look down the pipe due to the pipes inside it.

“They’d dropped a piece of thin rope down hoping he would climb up but after six days, still no luck so they called us.”

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Alison added: “We knew he was ok as they’d been dropping food down and could hear him eating.

“So I went home and cut a one-meter-long ladder (pictured) from some old wire mesh, then went back, fitted it in the pipe and that night he emerged. Very thirsty, but ok.”


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