sandwiches handed out on highway-FBphoto-WSBtvThere’s some good news coming out of the rare snowstorm that hit the southern United States where localities have been paralyzed because they own no snow removal capability.

Local news teams in Atlanta are reporting on several different men who have taken hot cocoa and sandwiches on foot to stranded motorists on the interstates.

Others have offered their vehicles and even opened their homes so people don’t need to sleep in their cars.

Matthew Miller (pictured, right) heard that people had been out on the highway for 18 hours, so he packed up some peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and hot cocoa, slung on a backpack and walked to the scene. “I just thought I’d try to help out any way I could,” Miller told WSB-TV.

Hot Chocolate handed out on snowy hw-FBphotoOn the same highway, Interstate 75, Zach Haedt and Sam Tarquina (left) were serving drinks for people stuck in cars, carrying a thermos and a sign that said, FREE HOT CHOCOLATE.

The compassion and gratitude of strangers is in full bloom, evidenced by posts found on a local Facebook group called Snowed Out Atlanta, set up to help strangers affected by the weather. Check it out at SnowedOutAtlanta.

The woman who started the Facebook group is Michelle Sollicito, who had moved to the Atlanta area from London 11 years ago. She had come home early from work and noticed something when she logged onto Facebook.

“I had some friends who were asking for help, and some friends who were offering help, but none of them had been matched up,” Sollicito told NBC News. “I created the group and it just snowballed, forgive the pun.” 46,000 people joined in only one day.

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Photos on Facebook, via WSB-TV and News 11 Atlanta

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