surprising DC volunteer with 50K-5-Hr Energy vidHannah Hawkins, founder of the Children of Mine Youth Center, gives kids of all ages a safe place to learn and play, fenced off from the mean streets of Washington D.C. Those streets are where, in the ’70s, her husband was robbed and murdered. As a widow with five children, Hannah decided to dedicate her life to making a positive change in her community.

“I had to do something about this mayhem in the streets,” she told 5-hour ENERGY Helps.

Alumni of the Children of Mine Youth Center have gone on to successful careers like law enforcement, engineering, and politics. The Center also provides kids with nutritious meals, clothing, tutoring, and counseling.

After many years operating only with volunteers, Hannah and her Children of Mine Youth Center received a $50,000 check from the 5-hour ENERGY Helps project.

Produced by journalists that were hired to find inspiring stories by the energy drink company, the video below illustrates the good work Hannah and her volunteers are doing every day and talks to some of the Center’s alumni.

“Why only pay celebrities or athletes?” asked the founder of 5-hour ENERGY, Manoj Bhargava. “Why not give it to the real heroes?”

“We want to share our success with those who are struggling with difficult situations,” it says on the company’s website.

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