hitchhiker intv Fox NewsLuckily, before he drove into Fresno declaring himself to be Jesus, shouting the n-word, and ramming his car into a random black guy, this nut-job picked up a hitchhiking surfer named Kai. And Kai had a hatchet.

When the driver — a six-foot fall, 300 lb. man — jumped out and started beating up a nearby woman, Kai leaped into action and saved her by repeatedly smashing him on the head with the blunt end of said hatchet.

And then, God bless his heroic, hatchet-wielding soul, Kai, who is homeless and just looking for surfing opportunities, explained all this to a local news reporter in a profanity-laden interview.

(WATCH the KMPH video below – and thanks to Uproxx.com for the story – WATCH the uncut video there)

Thanks to Nancy Peske for submitting the link!


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