All Myda Lewis wanted for her 107th birthday was to ride in a convertible in a parade. Her community, however, decided to give her much more than that.

When her birthday was steadily coming closer, the hospice caregivers at Westhaven Nursing and Rehabilitation Center asked Lewis if there was anything special that she wanted for her birthday. She said that she had two wishes – and one of them was to cruise through a parade in a car with the top down.

Determined to fulfill her wish, the nurses started contacting people in the community and asking them to come out onto the street when Lewis drove by on her birthday. They created a Facebook event page with details about Lewis’s cruise, and it immediately garnered over 800 confirmed attendees.

With the entire community of Stillwater, Oklahoma crowding the sidewalks, Lewis’ birthday car ride blossomed into a fully-fledged parade.

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Hundreds of people waved “Happy Birthday” signs, threw confetti, and gave flowers and balloons to Lewis as she drove by.

“We’re out today because what a fun thing to celebrate!” a city resident told Stillwater News Press. “I mean, who gets to turn 107? And if she wants to have a parade by golly, we’re going to give her a parade!

“And we need this positivity in the world right now. Everybody’s smiling today, I don’t see one grumpy face …The whole town has come together.”

As it turns out, the town’s compassion accidentally ended up fulfilling Lewis’s second birthday wish. In addition to riding in the parade, Lewis had told the nurses that she “just wanted everyone to be happy.”

(WATCH the video below)

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