High School Students Participate In Makeup-Free Day (VIDEO)

High School Students Participate In Makeup-Free Day (VIDEO)

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happy-girls-mck-bdayTeens at Plano Senior High School in Texas are trying to redefine beauty, rallying students to wear no makeup Friday — an initiative they’re calling “Operation Beautiful.”

“I just really began to see how I don’t need makeup to be beautiful,” said Madeline Milby, 17, vice president of the student congress and a senior at PSHS, which is in the Dallas suburbs. “There’s so much more to me. It’s your personality, your passion and what’s inside your heart.”

According to a student-made video by the teens at Plano Senior High School in Texas, girls from the school take anywhere from 30 minutes to two hours to get ready for school in the morning.

(WATCH the video below or READ the story from ABC)


  1. This is an Outstanding video and a great example to follow!

    You know we are all “Lures” to ourselves and others…
    All lures have feathers and shinny bobbles to make them attractive and the hidden hook to catch with.

    Our outward appearance is the “lure” and our personally, the person who you are, is what ultimately catches yourself and/or someone else.

    If we only focus on our outward appearance our “hook” our personality, who we are, will get rusty and is no good for catching yourself or anyone else for that matter…

    Think about it…if you can’t catch yourself…who else will you catch?
    The answer is No One…

    Keep our “hook”, our personality shinny, strong, and welcoming…and the feathers and bobbles will reflect it…

    Little by Little…think about it…

    I believe in and support “OB”…Outstanding