Rather than sleeping in on a snow day, a group of high school students got together at 4:30AM so they could make sure that an elderly woman could get to her dialysis appointment.

Brian and Patrick Lanigan are both students at Parsippany High School in New Jersey. They also live next to an older woman who relies on ambulance transportation to bring her to her dialysis treatments.

Brian, who works as an EMT, had shoveled his neighbor’s driveway last week in order to make way for the ambulance – but then the weather forecast called for eight more inches of snow.

The night before the snowstorm, the brothers knew that they had to help their neighbor, but since Brian had work early in the morning, they knew they wouldn’t be able to clear the driveway before the ambulance arrived at 6AM.

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Patrick then pulled out his phone and started calling people on his contact list for help.

The next morning at 4:30AM, four of Patrick’s friends arrived with shovels in hand. Within thirty minutes, they had successfully cleared the driveway.

Patrick’s father snapped a picture of the teenage “snow angels” and posted it to Twitter, praising the youngsters for their compassion.

It has since been shared by dozens of people, all of whom expressed their appreciation for the gesture.

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  1. I heard about this story while driving my son(who happens to be in high school) to school this morning. I literally teared up when I heard what these young men did. We hear about so much negativity each day that it’s not often that we get to hear something positive and uplifting. The woman must be so grateful for what they did. And of course the dad who couldn’t help since he had to work. It’s stories like this that make me believe that there are still compassionate humans left in the world. By the way, I loved this story so much that I shared it on all my social media. It deserves to go viral and hope it does. May God bless the lady, the dad and the high schoolers. Can’t wait to share this story with my son and daughter and well..my whole family. 🙂
    Thank you for making a difference.
    Janet Bernasconi

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