It had been six weeks since Chloe the senior dog had gone missing on the top of a Colorado mountain – but miraculously, thanks to two determined hikers, she was finally rescued and brought to safety.

14-year-old Chloe had first gone missing after she had run off during a walk with her owners, Larry Osborne and Anouk Patel, on Mt. Boss in August. While she is usually able to find her way back to her humans, the hound did not return.

Concerned for the chocolate lab mix’s safety, the couple posted a photo of Chloe to a local Facebook group, asking for help. But as the weeks went by, they assumed the worst.

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That is, until last week, when Trinity Smith was told by some hikers that they had heard barking on top of the mountain.

Determined to discover whether the dog was Chloe, Smith spent hours searching the trails and chutes of the mountain. When nighttime came and it became too dark to see, Smith went home – but the next day, she returned with her friend Sean Nichols.

The two continued searching the 14,000-foot mountain and calling Chloe’s name until finally, they saw a little brown head poke out from behind a rock and start whimpering.

Smith and Nichols carried the pup back down the mountain and posted about her rescue on social media. Patel and Osbourne immediately came forward and confirmed that the emaciated pup was Chloe.

Over the course of her stay on the mountain, Chloe had gone from weighing 90 pounds to 26. But now, after being reunited with her family, she is progressively gaining weight and recovering from her harrowing ordeal.

“I am overwhelmed with joy seeing sweet Chloe back with her loving family, already gaining lots of weight, and progressing so fast,” Smith told the Dodo. “She has more fight in her than most of us could ever imagine, lasting six whole weeks in such harsh, inhospitable conditions.”

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