You have probably already seen your fair share of whacky gender reveal pranks and breathtaking marriage proposals – but what about cool baptism stories?

3-week-old Brecken Archibald was given one of the greatest baptism ceremonies in Brainerd, Minnesota when he was baptized right in the treasured Stanley Cup.

The Stanley Cup is the ultimate trophy of the National Hockey League – and standing at about 35 inches tall, it is quite a trophy to be beheld.

Additionally, whenever a hockey team wins the Stanley Cup, each team member is given one day of the year to spend with the trophy.

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Since the Pittsburgh Penguins were the most recent winners of the Stanley Cup in 2016, forward player Josh Archibald utilized his own day with the cup to baptize his newborn son.

The adorable ceremony was recorded by one of the honorary Keepers of the Cup, Walter Neubrand, and posted to the Stanley Cup’s Twitter account.

Here’s to hoping that little Brecken will be blessed by the hockey gods in all of his years to come.

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