Imagine driving for over an hour to meet your wife at a restaurant for her birthday dinner, only to be turned away at the door for not wearing the proper footwear.

Akbar Badshah, who drove from Bradford to a Manchester restaurant, was especially distressed by the rejection because his fasting for the holy season of Ramadan had prevented him from eating during the day.

As he was panicking outside of the restaurant, he struck up a conversation with a homeless man named John.

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After chatting for a few minutes about his unfortunate circumstances, Badshah took a chance and asked the homeless man what size shoe he wore.

When they discovered that their sizes matched, Badshah offered to give him £10, along with his own sandals, in exchange for John’s boots.

John turned down the money and happily volunteered to swap shoes with the hungry husband.

According to the BBC, John said he was “just happy to help out another human being”.

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Once Badshah enjoyed a wonderful meal with his wife, he exited the restaurant and reunited with John so they could switch shoes once more. Badshah pushed for John to take the money several more times until he finally accepted.

On top of that, a nearby pedestrian overheard the conversation and gave John $75 in recognition of his kindness.

Badshah plans on returning to the restaurant and treating John to a meal as another way to thank him for his generosity.

(WATCH the video below)

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