Even though a homeless man had the opportunity to take advantage of a forgetful motorcyclist, he knew he wanted to do the right thing.

43-year-old Francisco Hernández had been sleeping in a public shelter for the last six months since becoming homeless. During the day, he earns money by guiding drivers to available parking spaces on the streets of Colombia in exchange for tips.

It was supposed to be a regular business day for Mr. Hernández last Wednesday until he found a parked motorcycle with the keys left in the bike. He tried to give the keys to some nearby police officers, but they told him to go to the police station.

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“The police station was really far and I couldn’t go,” Hernádez told Verne, “so I decided to keep the key and I asked for a paper and pen in a local store so I could leave a note.”

The note, which gave him the name of the shelter, read, “Hi, my name is Paco and I have the keys for your motorcycle. Don’t worry – I’m in the Comuneros street until 7 and then I’m at the Jesus abandonado.”

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The owner of the motorcycle, 27-year-old Pedro Teruel, said that he initially thought Jesus Abandonado was the name of another street. But the worker inside the store informed Mr. Teruel that the man who had the keys was actually a homeless man worried that somebody would steal Pedro’s property, and directed him to the shelter.

Though Pedro eventually found Francisco and had his keys returned, the homeless man refused to accept a reward.

“I see so much corruption and people getting angry about it. If I accepted the money I would just be one of them and I’m not,” says Mr. Hernández. “We must help one another because it’s the right thing to do, without any kind of expectation for a reward.”

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