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A second-generation rice farmer from Danbury, a tiny Texas town of 1700, is a local legend.

He’s a legend thanks to the almost six million pounds of rice he’s donated to the Houston Foodbank, and the millions upon millions of free meals created from that rice. 

It was in 1984 that John “Jacko” Garrett, age 70, first began donating a portion of his harvest each year to charity.

In the late 1990’s he set up a non-profit called Share the Harvest to provide a means for rice farmers like himself in Texas to easily feed the camera screenshot TiresTiresLtd

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“Their donations have been vital,” according to the Houston Foodbank. “They provide over 11 million servings of rice each year in 18 counties around Houston.”

Garrett has also run the charity himself, and with his daughter, for a time. He is worried today that he might not have time or energy to carry on much longer.

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