Mervin Overalls Instagram

Aside from being absolutely adorable—and the ideal posterboy for #TongueOutTuesday—Mervin is a champion for second chance pups everywhere.

Initially found as a stray and brought to the ASPCA, Mervin, a very special-needs dog, has made a major splash all over social media.

Mervin Finds Love
Mervin Finds Love

After being properly nourished, undergoing knee surgery, and having all of his teeth removed—it’s soft food for life—he was adopted by Joey, a kind man who works at the ASPCA in New York City.

Mervin Hits The Town

Now, the five-year-old chihuahua is happy as a clam and hamming it up for the camera, showing us all just how much of a difference a little TLC can make.

Together, Joey and Mervin are on a mission to show support against animal cruelty and to promote the adoption of dogs.

With 30K followers on Instagram alone, we suggest you take a look, if you want to have your entire day made and then some.

Mervin on Bed Instagram

For more on Mervin, visit him on Facebook.

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