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When you hit a bump in the road, you can give up – or you can build a fishpond.

Fed up with waiting for city hall to respond to complaints about a massive trench dug and left in their Detroit street, neighbors turned the maintenance lapse into a fishing hole.

A Michigan gas utility had ripped up the road and dug the 15-by-four foot wide hole three years ago, and never filled it in. Then, a city water line started leaking, filling it with water two feet deep.welcome-to-cleveland-roof-sign-in-Milwaukee-googlemaps

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When complaints yielded little help, neighbors took matters into their own hands, stocking the pit with carp, bluegill, and goldfish then breaking out the fishing rods in a humorous protest.

The city is now finally looking into the water leak and the road may soon be repaired.

Until then, residents say they’ll enjoy the only neighborhood fishing hole on the east side of Detroit.

(WATCH the WJBK News video) — Photo: WJBK video

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