A mischievous 62-year-old photographer known for his practical jokes dreamed up a good one for airline passengers arriving at Milwaukee’s Mitchell Field airport.

Because Mark Gubin’s large art gallery’s building was directly underneath the flight path of low flying jets, he painted a welcome message on his roof – but the greeting has been confounding passengers for 27 years now.

He painted the message in white letters 6 feet-tall telling people: WELCOME TO CLEVELAND.cops hilarious lip sync to TaylorSwift-DoverPolice

Caught on Dashcam: A Cop’s Hilarious Lip Sync to “Shake it Off”


“There’s not a real purpose for having this here except madness, which I tend to be pretty good at,” Gubin told the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel.

Gubin says he was having lunch on his roof in 1978 with his assistant said it would be nice to make a sign welcoming everyone to Milwaukee.

“You know what would be even better?” Gubin replied–and thus began his most infamous visual art exhibition of all.

(READ more in the Journal-Sentinel) – Photo: Google Maps

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