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Dozens of second-grade students waited in a long line this week just to get Mr. Steve to sign their yearbooks.

Mr. Steve is not a teacher or principal, he is the school’s beloved custodian.

The Alan Shepard Elementary School in Bourbonnais, Illinois posted the photo on the Facebook page for their school district this weekend and the image was viewed and cheered more than a million times.Courtney-Vashaw-Principal-screenshot-450px

Students Give $8000 Raised for Class Trip to Principal’s Cancer Treatment


“He pays attention to the kids… he knows who they are,” Principal Shirley Padera told WQAD. “The kids know if anything happens, Mr. Steve is going to take care of it.”

Steve-Weidner-janitor-FB-profile-sm“This picture is not about me!” said Weidner. “It’s about the children of Alan Shepard school.”

“My signature to me or anybody else is just that a ‘signature’. But to those kids it’s more than a name on paper.”

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