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When his nine-year-old daughter asked dad to “babysit” her doll for the day, this Kansas trucker took Abbie on the road.

“She really wants to go trucking with her ‘Grandpa,’” the little girl told him.

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So Trent McCain loaded Abbie into his grain-hauling rig and started sending his daughter Joselyn photos throughout the day documenting the doll’s big adventure.

Once buckled into her seat belt, Abbie hit the road…

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She got a firsthand look at being a trucker.

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Abbie had a ringside seat to watch the grain from their family farm being loaded.

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Joselyn’s grandfather even showed up to help take care of Abbie, carrying her around like a real baby.

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Joselyn was busy sending her dad instructions on what to feed the doll, after seeing the photo of Abbie snacking on a Coke and a Slim Jim.

“She was too late on that,” he chuckled, retelling the story.

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The photos were so popular on Facebook that a friend suggested the McCains put the photos on their trucking company’s business page. Overnight, the page went from 300 likes to more than 5,200.

The sudden fame meant Abbie was destined to go on tour, visiting a radio station for an interview (where her wild hair was neatly pulled back)…

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Commenters on the McCain Enterprises Facebook page have been overwhelmingly positive about this “Take Your Daughter’s Doll to Work Day.”

“In my eyes, that’s what make a man sexy,” Anjanette Hicks-Davidson posted.

McCain has been fielding media calls from “Montana and Australia” regarding the photos, but Trent reminded Good News Network that he didn’t share the images for “fame or glory.”

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“We did it because we love our daughter,” he said by telephone. “It brought a lot of joy to people and it’s brought a lot of joy to me, too, because it made everybody’s day.”

“With all the upheaval in the world right now and the negativity you’ve got going on, it was refreshing for everybody to see something positive,” he said. “A gal in Virginia even took the time to call me and thank me for what we’d done, and that really makes your day that you were able to bring a bit of happiness to somebody’s life.”

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