Most Mother’s Day gifts usually stay somewhere in the realm of flowers or breakfast in bed – but this husband really went beyond the call of duty for his beloved wife.

This month, Danielle Digby and her family will be moving away from Port Moody, British Colombia to greener pastures. The mother of two was sad, however, to be leaving behind their hand-painted nursery room in the process.

“As some of you know, we’re moving this month and I’ve been pretty sad about leaving the nursery in particular because my dad helped me paint it just before he passed away,” wrote Danielle. “Not to mention the peaceful hours I spent painting the tree on the wall while waiting for the babies to arrive and the countless hours since with them in there.”

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So when Mother’s Day rolled around this weekend, Danielle was surprised to open a gift from her husband Evan and see a pair of virtual reality glasses inside.

She was even more surprised to put on the goggles and see a 360º video of the nursery playing inside.

“He had rented a special camera and took the video so I could visit the room anytime I wanted to in the future. Probably the most thoughtful gift I’ve ever gotten.”

Well played, hubby… well played.

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