Where can a blind child, a child in a wheelchair, a sister with autism or brother with Down syndrome play with other families equally, and be part of their community? The Magical Bridge Playground.

In Palo Alto, the most innovative and inclusive–and expensive– playground in the country opened on Saturday. It’s a wonderland for young and old alike where there are no barriers to fun.

The idea was birthed by a mother (of course). Olenka Villareal had to drive 12 miles and pay $150 so her child with developmental disabilities could play on a swing.


It took six years of planning, but this mom raised $4 million, most of it privately, to bring the Magical Bridge Playground to life.

Some of the features include an entirely smooth surface – no sand or mulch to limit access to wheels or walkers – overly large safety swings and slides, merry-go-rounds built at ground level for wheelchairs, and lazy boy swings for parents to gently rock kids in their arms.

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