Though India currently generates most of its power through coal-powered plants, the country has been making great strides implementing more environmentally-friendly initiatives.

For starters, according to the country’s new Union Budget for 2017, 7000 Indian railway stations are going to be converted to solar power.

In addition to the country operating the first ever airport powered entirely by solar energy, India is also attempting to make every single one of their cars electric by 2030.

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In December, India broke the world record for most trees planted in a single day. The historic record previously held by Pakistan, which planted 830,000 saplings in 2013, now belongs to India after they planted 49.3 million throughout the nation.

In a recent move to cut pollution and emissions from coal-fired plants, the largest democracy in the world approved the construction of 10 new heavy water nuclear power plants, which, if operated safely, will offer a much cleaner form of energy for millions of homes.

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