India continued its massive push to reforest their nation on Monday when men and women in the state of Uttar Pradesh set out together to plant 50 million trees in a single day to improve the environment —and for bragging rights.

The feat would easily break a 2013 world record set by neighboring Pakistan for most trees planted by a team of 300 in 24 hours (847,275).

More than 800,000 turned out to plant the saplings, which were handed out by officials who will be monitored the plantings for growth with the use of aerial photos.

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A government agency elsewhere in the nation had already claimed the record for most trees planted in 12 hours by a team in multiple locations, according to the Guinness record book. The Forest Department in Madhya Pradesh planted 14,372,801 trees with the participation of volunteers at 9,272 locations in July 2014.

India is spending $6.2 billion for tree planting across the country with a goal of 235 million acres of new forests by 2030.

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It will take judges from the Guinness Book of World Records about two months to confirm the final number planted.

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