The prime minister of India has just unveiled an ambitious plan to electrify every household in the country by the end of 2018.

The $2.5 billion project will provide electricity to the 40 million Indian households currently without power.

According to Reuters, Prime Minister Narendra Modi says he plans on electrifying lower-income households free of charges or fees. Funding for the project will mostly be provided by the federal government.

Use of electricity, however, will not be subsidized by the government.

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Additionally, the country plans on electrifying more remote villages and structures by using solar power packs and battery banks. This may prove difficult, as there are reportedly 300 million Indian citizens who are not even hooked up to the electrical grid.

Though India currently generates most of its power through coal-powered plants, the country has been making great strides implementing more environmentally-friendly initiatives.

In a recent move to cut pollution and emissions from coal-fired plants, the largest democracy in the world approved the construction of 10 new heavy water nuclear power plants, which, if operated safely, will offer a much cleaner form of energy for millions of homes.

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