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When a Baltimore, Maryland woman saw police lights in her rearview mirror, she expected the worst but ended up writing an open letter praising the police officer.


Courtney Gross realized her tags were expired and figured she’d get “a million dollars in fines” but the officer not only told her how to fight the tickets in court, he asked if he could pose for a selfie with her son, Ty, after engaging him in conversation.

Here’s how she told the story on Facebook:

I got pulled over because my stickers are old and I need to renew my registration on my car.

The officer comes to my window and of course asks for my license and registration…..well little Ty starts talking to him.

Lol so as I’m digging for my registration, the officer asks me if I would roll down little Tys window so he can go talk to him.

I tell him that’s fine and I roll the window down….the whole time the cop has his flash light in his hand….you know how they do when they pull us over at night

Anyway Ty had just got a miniature light saber that lights up from the store earlier and the cop asked Ty did he wanna trade flash lights and they did and he showed him how to make his flash light blink really fast and Ty thought it was cool.

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So I find my registration and I give it to him and he takes it back to his car and comes back a couple minutes later and this time he has his hat on.

Instead of towing my car and giving me a million dollars in fines, this guy gives me 2 tickets for a little over 100 dollars and then tells me NOT to pay them but to go to court so they can be reduced and explained every thing and every step to me.

Then gives me 2 warnings that could have been 2 more tickets as well, but he didnt hit me with them. Then proceeds to tell me that he had come back with his hat on for a reason and asked me if I would be okay with getting Ty out of the car and letting him wear his hat for a few seconds and take a picture with him!

I said that would be fine and I appreciated that, but my phone was dead.

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So I take Ty out of his car seat and we go on the side walk and he’s wearing the officers hat and he loved it.

The officer then tells me that we can just take the picture with his phone and he would send it to me!

So we did and he sent it while I was standing right there and I watched him delete the text so he didn’t have my number in his phone and I didn’t even ask him to do that.

I really couldn’t believe how cool he was and how he really made my son’s night.

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I thought for sure that my car was getting towed. I’ve had my fair share of run ins with some cops that are arrogant jerks and use their power in the wrong way, but this man showed me that there still are some nice police officers out there and there’s hope.

I don’t care how ignorant and rude police can be, I will NEVER teach or allow my children to disrespect the police…..because it will only make things worse for them. I’m really thankful for how this whole thing played out and I’m more than blessed to receive those 2 citations over my vehicle being taken away from me.

Thank you God.

Photo: Courtney Gross, Facebook; geralt, CC

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