This grieving granddaughter has been praising Alaska Airlines on social media for the “extraordinary kindness” that they showed her during her time of need.

A woman named Kathryn has been mourning the death of her grandmother, Concetta Immacolata Mongiardo, after she passed away at the age of 103 last week.

According to a Facebook post that was published by KTVU’s Frank Somerville, Kathryn had been especially close with her grandma – which made it all the more difficult to deal with her death.

“Concetta … was the light of my life,” writes Kathryn. “[So] for the wake and funeral mass, I made a poster of my favorite picture of her, which is when she turned 100.

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“To me, this picture shows the essence of my grandmother’s nature: gratitude,” she added.

In preparation for traveling with the picture, Kathryn wrapped it in cardboard, went to the airport, and got ready to board her flight.

When she reached Lourdes Pedemonte, who was the Alaska Airlines gate agent for the flight, Kathryn asked if there was a special place where she could keep the picture. At first, Pedemonte said that the picture would have to go in the cargo hold with the rest of the luggage.

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Then with tears in her eyes, Kathryn explained why she was traveling with the photo and why it was important for her to protect it.

“Pedemonte started to cry with me, and then she assured me that Nan wouldn’t have to fly in the cargo hold. A few minutes later, she came up to me, put her hand on my shoulder and said, ‘you’re all set, the pilots are going to keep Nan in the cockpit,’” says Kathryn.

“I started to cry again because of the kindness Ms. Pedemonte showed me.

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“When I boarded the plane, I was greeted by flight attendant Pam Keck who said, ‘you must be the woman with some precious cargo.’ I smiled at her, with tears in my eyes, and handed Nan over to her.

“The cockpit door was open, and when Ms. Keck handed Nan over to the pilots, they both made eye contact with me and told me not to worry, that they would take good care of Nan as we travelled across the country.”

When they finally landed, Kathryn made her way to the front of the plane and found Keck and the pilots waiting with the cardboard-wrapped picture in hand. With her hand over her heart, the grateful passenger thanked the flight crew.

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In addition to offering their condolences, the pilots also said that “it was an honor” to stand guard over the precious cargo.

“I really hope Ms. Pedemonte, Ms. Keck, and the pilots know the depths of my gratitude for the kindness and compassion they showed me that day,” says Kathryn.

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