The families and friends of these three car crash victims have been in a state of grieving since the incident in April – however, a photo snapped by a bystander has offered them some peace.

Hannah Simmons, her baby daughter A’lannah, and Lauren Buteau were driving through Gainesville, Georgia on April 25th when they lost control of the car and crashed into another vehicle.

Anisa Gannon, who was on her way to work after the event, was waiting in traffic as paramedics and police officers flooded the scene. She took a photo of the accident for her employers as evidence that she was delayed. But when Anisa’s aunt, Tara Noble, later saw the photo, she saw something strange: a beam of light shining from the sky with two small glowing orbs in the middle.

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Tara concluded that it was a pathway from heaven and she resolved to show the photo to the victims’ families.

“That picture was taken for a reason — to give me sanity,” Simmon’s mother Judy told TODAY. “Hannah was also my best friend, and she’s looking down from heaven now.”

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Buteau’s aunt, Jody Carter, also told TODAY: “I opened the photo and my mouth hung wide open. It took my breath away. I was in pretty bad shape, but now I know where she is.”

You can help support Buteau and Simmon’s families by donating to the GoFundMe pages set up for their funeral expenses.

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