J.K. Rowling, the famous author and charmer (pun totally intended) who wrote, not only the Harry Potter series but, a novel published under the pseudonym Robert Galbraith, took a break from her schedule to surprise the Orkney Library book club.

The club was discussing the mystery novel, Cukoo’s Calling, in Scotland on Saturday, and Rowling couldn’t help but reply to the club’s Twitter post when it mentioned the novel’s author, @RGalbraith.

A playful back and forth ensued and Rowling entertained the club’s invitation by asking which methods of travel were appropriate.


The library replied and wondered aloud which kind of store-bought pastries would successfully lure the British author out to the event.


J.K. Rowling must really like lemon cake because, a few wand swishes later, she was dining with her fans over a strong pot of tea–and they posted this photo to prove it (back row, center-right).



JK Rowling Book - Orkney Library Twitter

We think she must have used Floo Powder, instead of apparating.


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