When Wang Wenjian first started his company in 1984, he was a factory worker with a high school education and $10,000 in borrowed money. Now, the company’s rise to wealth has likely made millionaires out of janitors, cafeteria workers, and laborers.

The company, Sunny Optical Technology, makes lenses. During their humble beginnings, Wenjian offered stakes in the company to every single one of the employees – even the cleaning staff. He then organized the holdings into a trust with roughly 400 holders who currently own 35% of the company.

With the ever-growing demand for lenses in smart phones, tablets, and cameras, the company is now worth roughly $22 billion.

According to Bloomberg, the company shares have surged by 9,500% since June 2008 alone – which is even more than Netflix’s impressive 7,500%.

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Though it is unknown as to how many shares are owned by each employee, Bloomberg’s data suggests that the average share for each member in the employee trust amounts to about $16 million per person. Owning just 0.013% of the company would still equate to about $1 million.

Wenjian retired from his role as CEO in 2012, but the book that he published on Sunny Optical’s illustrious career sums it up quite nicely. Wenjian writes: “When money gathers, people will be apart; when money is scattered, people will gather.”

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