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After 16 years at the helm of Comedy Central’s fake news program, The Daily Show, comedian Jon Stewart signed off yesterday during a special one-hour goodbye show.

He was joined by ”senior correspondents” who had helped propel the show to number one among 18-35 year old viewers looking for satirical laughs in the midst of current events of the day. Many of these comedy correspondents have gone on to star in blockbuster movies after getting their start on the Daily Show, including Steve Carell, Josh Gad, Ed Helms (The Office, and, Hangover) and Stephan Colbert, who surprised Jon with an off-script moment (see below).

”You were infuriating good at your job,” said Colbert, who is taking over for the retiring David Letterman this year.Jon_Stewart_CC-DavidShankbone-and sheep-FarmSanctuary-blog

Jon Stewart Buys a Farm to Help Animal Victims of Cruelty


Jon’s comedy targets over the years ranged from Democrats to Republicans, CNN to Fox News, bankers to billionaires. And many of his targets, like Hillary Clinton, John McCain, Lindsey Graham and John Kerry, appeared in short clips to bid him a fond–and not so fond–farewell. The executives at Arbys fast food restaurant, which was mercilessly mocked for selling bad food, even bought commercial airtime during the show to say, “We don’t know why, but we’ll miss you, Jon.”

Time magazine said Jon Stewart changed TV political comedy by “showing folks how BS works — in politics and in the media — empowering them to spot it themselves.”DC's Rally to Restore Sanity

Jon Stewart’sRally to Restore Sanity Ends With Hopeful ‘Moment of Sincerity’


After Stewart made his farewell remarks at the end of the show, the New Jersey native introduced heroic blue-collar rocker Bruce Springsteen to play him off, saying, “Here it is, my moment of Zen”

In late September, The Daily Show continues with a new host, South African comedian Trevor Noah.

(WATCH some of our favorite moments from the show below)


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