Chef José Andrés has made international headlines in the past for his efforts to feed people in disaster-stricken areas – which is why he is now being praised for serving up meals to furloughed workers amidst the US government shutdown.

In the past, Andrés and his charity, World Central Kitchen, have cooked up millions of meals for hurricane and wildfire victims.

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Now according to a Twitter announcement, the nonprofit will be opening up a kitchen on Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington D.C. as a means of feeding federal workers and their families.

The #ChefsForFeds kitchen will be serving up free hot meals to furloughed workers with identification every day between 11AM and 6PM starting tomorrow.

“We believe that no person should have to go through the pain of not knowing what to feed their children, so we are opening a kitchen,” Andres said in the video. “World Central Kitchen will be there for all Americans.”

Other people are joining in on the cause, too; as a means of helping the chef, social media users raised over $42,000 for the charity in just two days.

(WATCH Chef Andrés’s announcement video below) – Photo by Bob Nichols / USDA

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