A man who apparently was attempting to kidnap a woman off the street made a big mistake when he followed her into a North Carolina karate dojo.

Randall Ephraim, the head instructor of Bushiken Karate Charlotte Dojo, says that he was tidying up the studio earlier this week when the woman ran into the building.

“There were still some kids in the dojo being picked up by parents and a couple of adult students cleaning up when a young lady came through our doors and stated that someone was trying to harm her,” Ephraim told CNN. “Shortly afterward, a big male entered the building. Not knowing what he wanted, I assumed he was inquiring about classes.”

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“I asked how I could assist him and he stated that he was there for the lady. She insisted that she did not know him and tried to kidnap her.”

The 47-year-old perpetrator had reportedly tried to force the woman into his car just outside of the facility.

Ephraim simply asked him to leave, but the kidnapper refused and began “aggressively swinging” his way further into the dojo.

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Ephraim then took action and forced the man outside where the perpetrator unwisely attempted to attack the instructor.

According Ephraim, the man was “dealt with accordingly.”

Although the man was later taken into custody, he first had to be wheeled away from the scene on a stretcher before being taken to jail and charged with drug use and kidnapping.

(Photo by Randall Ephraim ,Bushiken Karate, Charlotte Dojo)

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