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Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio is producing a documentary on climate change.

Titled “Before the Flood,” the film focuses on the opinions of world leaders like President Obama and Pope Francis, as well as interviews with subjects in the Canadian oil industry and Pacific islands. DiCaprio has previously stated that he wants to release the documentary before the presidential elections in November.

”The fact that we are still debating any of this is just utter insanity to me,” the actor said during the Toronto International Film Festival, where the documentary was screened.

“We cannot afford, at this critical moment in time, to have leaders in office that do not believe in the modern science of climate change,” he added.

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The director of the documentary, Fisher Stevens, said he hopes that the film will serve as a “global wake-up call.”

“We can no longer turn a blind eye to the issue of climate change. We are at a crucial moment where if we don’t act now, we will forever pay the price,” he stated (Lin Taylor, Reuters, Sept. 19).

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