Despite their winning personalities, black cats will allegedly languish in American animal shelters for longer periods of time than their differently-colored counterparts.

That’s because western cultures often view black cats as bad luck because they were thought to be the companions of witches in the 14th century.

But now thanks to Black Panther, the latest Marvel flick to hit movie theaters, black cats are being adopted by the dozens, according to one resident of Durango, Colorado.

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The social media user wrote in a blog post: “Unexpected Benefit of Black Panther: my local pet shelters went from having something like 50-60 black cats between them to having NONE, because they’ve all been adopted out and named after the characters.

“’T’challa’ is the most popular, but there are a fair number of ‘Okoye’s and ‘Shuri’s as well. And one very confused Elderly Humane Society Volunteer wondering why someone would name such a sweet cat ‘Killmonger’,” they added.

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If you’re concerned about whether this is a short-lived fad that will end in the cats being returned a while time later, the writer reassures us by saying that the adoption process of the local shelters is extremely stringent.

And while an ASPCA spokesperson of New York City reportedly told media sources that they have seen no particular increase in black cat adoptions, the blogger goes on to say that at least cat adoptions are up in general – even if it’s just in one Colorado town.

Additionally, one movie theater in Dallas reportedly held an adoption event where anyone who adopted a black cat was given two free movie tickets to see Black Panther. According to the Dallas Observer, the shelter did not have enough cats to fulfill the demand.

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