South Pole trek Lewis ClarkeA British teenager has become the youngest person to reach the South Pole.

Lewis Clarke, 16, from Bristol, spent almost 50 days on ice, skiing for an average of eight hours a day and battling temperatures as low as -50C (-58F) and winds of 120mph.

His father, Steven, said he had set off on Saturday “really motivated to make it – but it was -50, the coldest so far, and with really ferocious winds”.

But on Saturday night, Lewis was celebrating in a heated tent eating pasta with fresh parmesan — his first real meal in nearly seven weeks.

Lewis will stay overnight at the Pole and then he has been offered a tour of the Amundsen Scott Polar Research base tomorrow.  He will fly back to Union Glacier base camp tomorrow afternoon and will be back in the UK on January 24th.

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