Residents living in low income housing in Madison, Wisconsin were able to have Thanksgiving feasts, thanks to two police officers who delivered 51 holiday baskets on Wednesday.

Volunteers at the Goodman Community Center packed up more than 130 turkey dinners–with stuffing and all the fixings needed for a feast, but there was one problem. They were located across town and they had no drivers to deliver the last 50.

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That’s when community police officer Kimberly Alan grabbed another officer, a police van, and her own truck to deliver the hundreds of pounds of food before the big holiday.

She has been a cop on that beat for two years at the public housing development and wanted to make sure poverty and transportation wasn’t an issue keeping families from celebrating Thanksgiving.

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“It was just a relief that I’d know that they’ll be OK for that holiday, and they won’t feel that stress of knowing everyone else in Madison is having this wonderful holiday, and that they will also be a part of that,” Alan told WISC-TV 3.

No one would have known about the good deed, but one neighbor called the news station to say that the officers should be recognized for their kindness.

(WATCH the video or READ more from WISC-TV) – Photo via WISC on YouTube

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