mover_acts_as_human_bench_for_elderly_stuck_in_elevatorAn employee from College HUNKS Moving and Hauling service in Florida proved that the company’s motivation “to make the world a better place” is more than just a slogan.

A student from the Art Institute of Florida was performing a move for College HUNKS at an assisted living facility inside a 10-story building when the elevator got stuck.

“We were riding with a very nice elderly women,” said Cesar Larios. “As soon as it got stuck the lady said she could not stand for extended periods.”

So, what did Cesar do? He created a human bench for her.

“I offered to serve as a chair,” the 23-year-old told his boss, who contacted the Good News Network. “She was so thankful.”

For a full 30 minutes he sacrificed himself for her comfort, as shown in the photo taken by one Larios’s workers.

”I thought this was a great example of old-fashioned service and helping your fellow neighbor,” said Co-Founder & President of College HUNKS Nick Friedman in an email to us. “Our company mission is to Move the World both literally and emotionally, and this is an example of our brand coming to life.”

“He is my son, and I am SO PROUD of HIM,” said Olga Lourdes Ruiz Velasco, who read hundreds of comments on the Good News Network Facebook page, praising her son’s thoughtfulness.

“The age of chivalry is not confined to the history books!” wrote Sarah Anne Abbas. “What a gent!”

HUNKS, which stands for Honest, Uniformed, Nice, Knowledgeable Students, has 52 franchise locations and is based in Tampa, Florida.

This motivated moving company doesn’t simply employ “clean cut” college students, their training program, “HUNKS University.” teaches them how to embody a leadership mindset and provide WOW service to keep the client stress-free.

Certainly Cesar Larios must have graduated Magna cum laude.


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