Despite not having any control over his body, this man with cerebral palsy just landed his dream job in security at a busy baseball stadium

Keith Gieser recently started working at the Roger Dean Stadium in Jupiter, Florida when the facility started hiring security personnel according to new Major League Baseball protocols.

The stadium, which admits over 4,000 guests during the spring training events, is no small venue – but Gieser has proved himself an exceptional addition to the team.

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Gieser first landed the job with help from Work Opportunities Unlimited – a community-based organization that matches employees who may have trouble finding work to prospective employers. Coincidentally, Geiser has always wanted to work in security detail.

Assistant general manager Alex Inman says that while they were careful hiring Gieser, they were sure he would do an excellent job.

“We believe in opportunity for all but we also had to do our due diligence; Keith had to be able to do the job. We interviewed him, took everything into consideration, focusing on what he could do, and we hired him,” says Inman.

“A lot of people praised us for hiring Keith but this isn’t just a feel-good story,” Inman added. “We want everyone who comes to the stadium to have a positive experience and the safety and security of the fans, the players and coaches is paramount. We feel that Keith is doing an important job and he’s a positive force. He’s inspired our team for sure; he’s been a pleasure to have here, everybody loves him.”

(WATCH the video below)

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